Here are some of the aspects of marketing I can help you with. Give me a call to discuss any of these services or any combination.

Marketing Strategy

You know your business and where you want it to go. But, if you’re not a marketer, then you may not be 100% clear on how you will get it there. A clear marketing strategy will provide you with a roadmap, outlining audiences, messages, channels, budgets and methodologies to get you where you want to be. I can provide you with the marketing levers that will enable you to tweak your marketing activities into the future depending on how the market is faring. I can work with you on a one-off project basis or on an ongoing consultancy basis – whatever is best for you and your organisation.

Content Strategy

Have a read of my blog on content strategy. These days, content as a strategy – rather than a nice-to-have marketing add-on – is key to attracting, engaging and selling to your key markets. I can help you create your strategy, with research, a content calendar and with content creation.

Direct Marketing / Email marketing / CRM

For retention and acquisition, communicating directly to your database should still be key. Know them, understand what makes them tick, figure out when and how to communicate and reap the rewards.

Search Marketing – SEO & PPC

Love it or loathe it, if your customers can’t find you, you may be dead in the water. But, rather than compete on all fronts, learn how to pick your search battles, how to attract the audience most likely to buy and how to save budgets and resource into the bargain.

Brand development

Your brand is more than a logo – it’s everything about your company. I can show you how to leverage the best of your organisation, improve where required and create a brand to be proud of – and that customers will engage with, believe in and stay loyal to.

Website development and analysis

Your website needs constant attention to ensure it delivers the best user experience possible. I can help you discover where your site performs well, and also where improvement is needed. Simple changes can increase enquiry or sales numbers dramatically – it’s worth keeping on top of it.

Online audits

How well does your company do online? Where do you appear -and importantly, where do you not? I can help find those answers and work with you to create a plan to ensure your brand is optimised wherever it appears online.

Sponsorships / partnerships

No man (or brand) is an island. Working with other organisations is a great way to extend your reach into new markets, provide a positive halo for your brand and deliver marketing and promotional opportunities unavailable to you as a stand-alone. I can assist in finding the partners to work with or the sponsorship deals to pursue, attach a value and implement exciting campaigns across multiple channels.

Campaign development and management

Sometimes simply running your marketing activity day-to-day takes up more time than you realistically have. Let me help with one-off campaigns or projects – be your right-hand marketer and ensure you get the best ROI for those extra activities.


Public relations and media relations can help your brand achieve standout with third-party endorsement that paid-for advertising and marketing simply won’t deliver. Whether you need PR for a single campaign, or ongoing PR support I can help.

Content creation / Copywriting

Content has transcended Kingship these days. Content is King, Queen and Emperor combined – and then some. With a strong writing background, a highly creative mind, experience and extensive contacts in video and film production, I can help you create regular, quality, engaging content that will underpin your content marketing strategy.